SA Soltech

Library Solutions

Security Systems

3M Tattle-Tape Systems continue to provide the most accurate and consistent book security solutions in the market.

RFID Solutions

RFID goes beyond simple security, to also provide intelligent circulation and inventory functions such as contactless check in, check out, shelving & stock take solutions.

Self-Service Solutions

bibliotheca’s selfCheck range was designed to maximize day-to-day activities and provide an engaging experience to all library users.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid systems are a combination of RFID & Tattle-Tape technologies and were designed to provide libraries with the best of both worlds.

Inventory Solutions

By programming the barcode or Unique ID into the books’ RFID Tag, inventory processes become simple and accurate, resulting in less time & resources spent on physical labour and more time spent on interaction.

Return & Sorting Solutions

bookReturn, flex AMH & flexTransportation Systems minimize the time & workload getting books back to the shelf, resulting in happier staff and patrons.


Our RFID-enabled smartShelf offers a unique interaction for patrons who are returning books. Simple place a book on the shelf to automatically return to the item to the Library’s inventory, remove it from the patrons’ account and, if requested, simultaneously reactivate the RFID security. 


remoteLocker is a simple solution to quickly expand your services deeper into the community. This RFID-enabled locker provides a new point for book returns and collections. Stretch your services beyond your Library’s normal hours and reach Patrons at a location and time more convenient to them.


cloudLibrary is more than just an EBook & EAudioBook Platform. By integrating your digital collection with your Library Management Software & your physical collection, cloudLibrary offers unique features and a brand new exciting experience.


AutoStore is designed like a rubick’s cube and is the worlds most dense Automated Storage & Retrieval System . It’s modular design allows for unique and personalized installations as well as convenient and simple future expansion.